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Ordering Information

Discount Information
Prices listed on this site are for purchase of one plant or cutting. The following discounts may apply to save you $$$.

10% discount on order received before December 1 prior to planting season.

1% discount per 100 vines ordered.

25% maximum discount on all orders. Discounts apply to orders of 100 plants or more.

Payment Method
A payment of 1/2 of total purchase is required at the time an order is placed. The balance is due prior to shipment of the plants.
Make checks payable to St. Francois Vineyards.

We ship the best way available, usually UPS. Shipping and packaging are not included in plant prices.

There is a $10.00 handling charge per variety when ordering less than 50 plants or cuttings.

Orders are not accepted until confirmed by St. Francois in writing via email or postal mail. All orders are subject to availability.

Downloadable Catalog
If you want to browse our vine listings offline, or print a complete list, you may download our catalog (requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader).

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